Dancing Diva Parties was a part of The Wonderful Wedding Show this past weekend.  We had so much fun meeting all the brides and their bridal parties.  Thank you to all the brides who took a picture with the pole!  Although, some of you needed a gentle nudge,  you all gave us awesome sassy faces and great big smiles.  See the pictures here.

From the staff at Dancing Diva Parties…..Thank you again for all your visits!  You truly made our time at the Wonderful Wedding Show an enjoyable one.  We hope to see you at your stagettes!!!   (from left to right)  Carolyne, Debbie and Melissa


Upcoming Event

Dancing Diva Parties is super excited to partner up with Passion Parties for their “Passionate Divas” event.

Please join us for an ultimate ladies night out!

You will be able to shop with Passion Parties and check out their new 2015 Valentines’ Collection.  Indulge in the chocolate fountain of love, delectable desserts and enjoy signature cocktails.

Dancing Diva Parties will be there with the pole stage so you can learn some sexy moves.  We will also be teaching you a naughty but nice burlesque routine.

Free draws every 30 minutes, door prizes and awesome goody bags!!

You can not miss this event!

Saturday January 31st, 2015
Canad Inns Transcona
6pm to 12am
Tickets are $50.00
Call Dawn at 204-792-0329 for tickets

Valentines Exclusive Invite (2)

Much Media attention was given to this subject matter and it was a privilege to continue to advocate for pole fitness.

September 12, 2012

The Winnipeg Sun and SunNews Network














September 6, 2012

Charles Adler, CJOB 680


carolyne with charles

Country songs are great for two reasons –  they are basic and get right to the point. Kenny Rogers said it best when he wrote “you have to know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em and know when to walk away and know when to run.” With the recent closing of PoleFit Canada the lyrics hold significant meaning to my life.

PoleFit Canada was a female only boutique fitness studio primarily offering pole fitness and the culmination of seven years of my hard work, my vision and my dreams. And in eight short months I watched it die and quick and painful death.

Build it and they will come was total bullshit in this case. For two years I listened to women ask me to offer fitness classes. For two years after that I ran classes out of a community centre. With market research in hand, a new business partner, and financing secured, I took the leap and opened my first bricks and mortar location. Waiting for the flood to arrive, the reality was too few showed up, and I ran out of money.

For months I dug deeper and deeper to find the creative energy required to sell a product I loved in ways that people wanted to buy it. And many did buy it but just not enough.

The studio was more than just fitness classes. It was supposed to be a place where women could fully discover and embrace the notion that sexy is a combination of confidence and sensuality. It is the belief in one’s self coupled with the acknowledgement of being a woman. When these two forces – strength and beauty – are brought together, it is a powerful force which can inspire, empower, and change lives.

And to a certain extent I succeeded. Many times I would hear wonderful stories of women who were transforming their inner selves as a direct result of being a part of the studio and taking the classes. On the flip side I would hear stories of women who were branded as whores and sluts just for walking through our doors.

In the end it was simple math –  too much going out the back door and not enough coming in the front. So, I was faced with the option of finding more cash or walking away from my dream. Being a good business owner( and I firmly believe that even though this venture did not work, I am still an amazing business owner) I decided, just as the song says, to fold’em.

During the same period of time, I watched an amazing man who had captured my heart and soul, drift away from me. The timing of the business coming to a crashing end had nothing to do with the failure of the relationship – rather it was the universes cruel test of my spirit and fortitude. Like with the studio, I dug deeper and deeper to find the love required to keep it alive. I tried for months to bridge the gap between the reality of what was and I hoped it would be. In the end, it was just time to walk away.

Losing both my business and an amazing man in the same three weeks was devastating but only one of the them made me cry.

Today, months later, just like the song goes – “Now ev’ry gambler knows that the secret to survivin’ Is knowin’ what to throw away and knowing what to keep,” – I decided walk away from  two dreams that I knew were not coming true with the hope that I would be dealt a better and stronger hand. things are better. I had four job offers, the week I shut my doors and am loving the view from my new desk; I opened  a new business that was a simpler version of the studio and one I could easily handle on my own and from home; and my heart healed enough to allow someone new to come in who is proving to be a wonderful addition to my life.

Diary of a Pole Dancer


Carolyne Braid

Proud mother of two children, active volunteer, and friend to many, I enjoy sharing my trials and triumphs of being a business owner, a woman, and a parent.




It is with a bittersweet heart that I announce the closure of Dancing Diva Parties. Thank you to everyone who has hosted a party, attended a class or had the courage to request a private lesson.

In 2004 I took a chance and brought pole dancing to Winnipeg. Over the last 12 years, thousands of women have experience the opportunity to let their hair down, find their sexy side and dance without reservations.

As a pioneer for the industry, through international media, including TV, print and radio, I worked to educate the public about the industry – what it was and what it wasn’t. Some people “got it” and others couldn’t open their minds to new possibilities.

It has been an amazing journey. I loved being a business owner and leading an amazing staff. I learned a great deal and loved the opportunity to test my fortitude and character.

Thank you to everyone who supported me and the business.

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