We have a party format suitable for any group

Frequently Asked Questions – Pole Dancing, Chair Dancing and Burlesque Parties

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of women required for a Party?
Pole Dancing
– 12 is the ideal number of guests but there is no minimum or maximum amount of women required to host a party. Parties can easily be accommodated from five to 25 plus. Chair Dancing and Burlesque Parties work best for larger groups.

How much does a party cost?
Parties are a flat rate of $229.00 plus GST regardless of the number of women in attendance. It does not matter if you have five to 25, the price does not change.

Is a deposit required to book a party?
Yes, a non-refundable deposit of $160.45 is required to secure the date. The remaining amount is paid CASH the evening of your party. Note: your party is not confirmed until the deposit is received.

Is my deposit refundable?
No. The deposit is requested to secure your party date and time. Your deposit ensures no other party is booked in your place.

Burlesque is perfect for large groups, conservative, or multi-generations.

Burlesque is perfect for large groups, conservative, or multi-generations.

The women at the party are slightly conservative, which party format is best suited for them?
Although all party formats are appropriate and professional, the Burlesque Party is the most conservative one offered. Chair Dancing parties are best for groups with few inhibitions and are looking for a wild evening.

Do you take credit cards?
Yes. We accept all forms of credit cards. Payment can be processed through paypal or over the phone at 204-294-8771.

Do you take personal cheques?
Yes. Cheques must be received TWO-WEEKS in advance of party. Note: your party is not confirmed until the deposit is received.

How long does a party last?
Pole Dancing and Chair Dancing Parties typically last for two hours depending on the number of women you have in attendance. Burlesque Parties last for one and a half hours.

Do you come into the home?
Yes! All of our party formats can be hosted in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Is there a minimum size of room required?
No. The more space you have, the better. But a room of any size can easily be adjusted to make for a great party.

I don’t have a location. What other options do I have?
Should you not have a suitable location, we have partnered with some of the hottest niteclubs and restaurants.

I booked a hotel room. can I host a party at the hotel?
No. At the request of hotel management, we do not host parties in hotel rooms. Inquire with your hotel about using a boardroom or special event room for your party.

Are there set times to host a party?
In-home parties are hosted party at whatever time works best for your group. Parties have started as early as 1:00pm in the afternoon or as late as midnight. The time can be set to work around whatever else it is you might have planned for the evening.

In-venue parties have set-times depending on location. Email for details at debbie@dancingdivaparties.ca

Can a party be co-ed?
Yes. But we find that most women feel most comfortable when it is an evening with just women.

Do you travel out of the city?
Yes. There is a $35.00 per hour travel when we go outside of the Winnipeg / Brandon area.

How does the pole work?
The pole is held in place with a friction fit. Using a stud finder, the beam in the ceiling is found. The floor to ceiling height is measured and the pole is adjusted to fit accordingly. With a large circular protective grip pad at the top of the pole it is put into place. Once the pole is in place a spring located inside the pole adds pressure to keep it in place. Nothing is drilled into your ceiling or floor.

Chair Dancing Parties are perfect for large group, and the wild adventurous types.

Chair Dancing Parties are perfect for large group, and the wild adventurous types.

Will the pole damage my ceiling or floor?
No. The pole will not damage your floor or ceiling. There is a large circular protective grip pad at the top of the pole which disperses the pressure. Stucco ceiling are fine. Nothing is drilled into your ceiling or floor.

I have a false or drop ceiling. Can I still host a party?
Yes. But in order for the pole to safely work, the beam in the ceiling must be exposed. If the ceiling tile can be removed and a beam found, then yes, the ceiling is suitable.

Does my ceiling have to be a certain height?
Yes. Although we have poles which work with anything from a basement ceiling height to cathedral or vaulted ceilings, the minimum height is 7ft. Parties can even be held outdoors.

I have vaulted ceilings. Can I still host a party?
Yes. We have poles cut to a wide variety of lengths and can work with any ceiling height. For ceilings over 10ft, a 4ft x 4ft platform stage with a free-standing, secure pole is utilized.

How far in advance do I have to book a party?
It is recommended that once you have decided upon a date that you book your party immediately as dates fill up quickly. We recommend to book at least three to six weeks from your party date.

Is there a weight restriction on the pole?
Yes and no. We recognize that women come in all different shapes, sizes and strengths. As the pole is not drilled into place (see how does the pole work), there are some limitations. 250lbs is the maximum weight allowed on the pole. However, should a guest surpass that limit, certain moves are merely presented in an easier format to accommodate participation. Should you have some larger guests, please let us know in advance to ensure the correct modifications are made to the pole and party format.

Some of the women invited might not want to participate. Can they watch?
Yes. Although we do encourage all guests at the party to be involved in the evening.

Some of our guests are a little shy or easily embarrassed. Is this okay?
Yes. We recognize that some women feel more comfortable than others trying pole dancing. Our instructors set the tone for a fun, inclusive, and supportive evening. We strive to find that pole dancer who exists in each and everyone one of us and then we give you permission to let her out for the night.  You can also consider a Burlesque Party should you feel your group would prefer a less risqué party format.

Do you do corporate functions?
Yes. We enhance your event by offering something a little different. Your attendees will leave smiling, feeling energized and full of great memories.


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