Looking for a super fun game to play at your bachelorette party?  Add the Dancing Diva Parties Bridal Bingo Card to your event!!

Dancing Diva Parties loves creating memorable moments and our Bridal Bingo card is all about capturing those moments with selfies of EVERYONE in your group.  Take a picture of you kissing the bride.  Make a toilet paper veil, put it on, take a selfie.  Try putting your feet behind your head…..All of this and more!  Your after-party pictures will be SO FUNNY!

Things you will need to play:Selfiebachelorette
Camera or Phone
Paper and Pens (you’ll need to take a picture of something you wrote)
Toliet Paper (to make a veil)
Selfie sticks (optional)

Print your Bridal Bingo Card


LOVE THIS! We have seen our fair share of crazy nights! Crazy nights make the BEST nights! ...

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Over the years we have seen so many incredible things! Thank you to all the shy women who took the chance to try pole dancing. Thank you to all the women who were brave enough to let themselves go. Thank you to all the women who trusted us and felt safe enough to let their inner goddesses shine. ❤️ ...

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This has totally been me the past few weeks! No sleep for me. Too many good movies and shows to watch! ...

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