Frequently Asked Questions

Private Lesson and Art of Striptease and Art of Lap Dance FAQ

Will we be removing clothing in the class?
No. No clothing is actually removed…well not down to your birthday suit. We will practice how to remove clothing during the class but you will remain fully clothed. We wear the bra, panties, etc. over top of our clothes. It looks a little funny but well worth the it!

I am not a very good dancer. Can I still take the class?
Of course! No previous dance instruction necessary. The Art of Striptease is much more about finding the inner goddess inside of you and allowing her to come out in your own unique way and style. The routine is easy to learn and easy to remember…but still VERY SEXY!

How long are the classes?
The classes are approximately two hours. We are very flexible with start time and can work around your schedule. We can hold lesson during the day, weekends, at night – whatever works best for you.

What do you need for the class?
Be sure to bring shoes,  bra, panties, skirt and a men’s button up dress shirt. All items will be placed OVER TOP of your clothing.

What do I wear?
Be sure to wear loose but comfortable clothing that you can easily move in.  We recommend yoga pants and an athletic top/

This is out of my comfort zone. Can I take it anyway?
YES! Although we are very good at teaching the routine, we are even better at putting women at ease and making sure this is a fun experience! As it is a private lesson, the only person you have to worry about is you! So, take a deep breathe and go for it!


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