Instructors and Party Hostesses

Instructors and Party Hostesses

Dancing Diva Parties is comprised of a dynamic group of women who each share their own unique sense of self with us! Our instructors / party hostesses are sure to make your evening a night filled with laughter and memories you won’t ever forget.



Debbie, Manager, Party Hostess and Instructor

Debbie is a busy stay-at-home Mom.  She looks forward to having a fun night out with a great group of women.  Come and learn something new and get ready to get your sexy on!

“Deb, you were AWESOME!  And not (just) in a sexy kitten way, which you effortlessly pull off (even without the aid of a stripper pole I might add), but in terms of your presentation skills – tone, manners, confidence, knowledge, focus and fun!!  You rocked a thoroughly taboo subject with class and poise and you completely changed my opinion about these things!

Debbie hosts Pole Dancing, Chair Dancing, Burlesque Parties and facilitates private lessons.



Dancing Diva Parties - Party Hostess - Kris

Kris, Party Hostess

Kris joined the team in 2007 and has been hosting amazing parties every since.  She believes that not only is pole dancing a great full body work out but it also gives women a chance to come out of their shell and share a unique and fun experience with their friends.

“Thank you so much! We had a fantastic time with Kris and are already planning our next party.” Melissa

Kris hosts Pole Dancing Parties.



Dancing Diva Parties - Party hostess - Samantha

 Samantha, Party Hostess

Samantha is a curvy bubbly energetic and fun person full of smiles and surprises! She guarantees a night of laughter and memories. Your inner goddess will thank you for the experience during your special party.  Prepare for excitement!!

Samantha hosts Burlesque Parties








Neelum, Party Hostess

Neelum is a passionate and supportive hostess who promises a night of encouragement, laughter and fun! Her passion for burlesque started in January 2015 after seeing the MTC production of Cabaret and she’s been in love with it ever since. She is very knowledgeable on the subject of burlesque and its history. Get ready for a night you’ll never forget!

“She very obviously knows her stuff and is passionate about burlesque, her love for the art is very evident!”

  Neelum hosts Burlesque Parties



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LOVE THIS! We have seen our fair share of crazy nights! Crazy nights make the BEST nights! ...

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Over the years we have seen so many incredible things! Thank you to all the shy women who took the chance to try pole dancing. Thank you to all the women who were brave enough to let themselves go. Thank you to all the women who trusted us and felt safe enough to let their inner goddesses shine. ❤️ ...

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