Instructors and Party Hostesses

Instructors and Party Hostesses

Dancing Diva Parties is comprised of a dynamic group of women who each share their own unique sense of self with us! Our instructors / party hostesses are sure to make your evening a night filled with laughter and memories you won’t ever forget.

Dancing Diva Parties - Party Hostess - Debbie B


Debbie, Party Hostess

Debbie is a mother of two great young boys who are the joy of her life. However, Debbie doesn’t mind leaving her boys with Dad so she can show other ladies how to shake what they’ve got! She has a great down to earth spirit which can bring even the most reluctant woman out of their shell.

“OMG! Best night ever! Debbie was so much fun! She had us laughing all night!” Paula 

Debbie hosts Pole Dancing and Chair Dancing Parties.




Dancing Diva Parties - Party Hostess - Debbie L 

Debbie, Party Hostess and Instructor

Debbie is a busy mother of 3.  She looks forward to having a fun night out with a great group of women.  Come and learn something new and get ready to get your sexy on!

“Deb, you were AWESOME!  And not (just) in a sexy kitten way, which you effortlessly pull off (even without the aid of a stripper pole I might add), but in terms of your presentation skills – tone, manners, confidence, knowledge, focus and fun!!  You rocked a thoroughly taboo subject with class and poise and you completely changed my opinion about these things!

Debbie hosts Pole Dancing, Chair Dancing, Burlesque Parties and facilitates private lessons.






Dancing Diva Parties - Party Hostess - Haley

Haley, Party Hostess

Haley is a young, energetic, vibrant, well put together woman who has joined the team in 2010. Her charming smile will bring out even the shyest person in the group!

Haley hosts Pole Dancing and Burlesque parties.

“We had a blast!!! It was more fun than I expected it to be. Haley did a fantastic job! I was very impressed with her. Thanks for everything!” Melissa






Dancing Diva Parties - Party Hostess - KrisKris, Party Hostess

Kris joined the team in 2007 and has been hosting amazing parties every since.  She believes that not only is pole dancing a great full body work out but it also gives women a chance to come out of their shell and share a unique and fun experience with their friends.

Kris hosts Pole Dancing Parties.

“Thank you so much! We had a fantastic time with Kris and are already planning our next party.” Melissa






Dancing Diva Parties - Party Hostess - MelissaMelissa, Party Hostess and Instructor

Starting as a student, Melissa joined the team in 2011 and has become an integral member of the team. She is fun, easy going, and has an infectious spirit that will liven up anyone’s night! Her parties are amazing!

Melissa hosts Pole Dancing, Chair Dancing  and Burlesque Parties and facilitates private lessons

“The Pole Dancing party was amazing!  All of us participants were a little nervous at first but within a few minutes of warming up and learning new moves we were having the time of our lives! Melissa made it a lot of fun!” Diane








Dancing Diva Parties - Party Hostess - Stephanie


Stephanie, Party Hostess

Stephanie is a fun-loving lady that always has a smile on her face. This vivacious vixen will bring all the vavavoom you need to your next bachelorette party or girls night out!

Stephanie hosts Burlesque Parties


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