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Dancing Diva Parties Burlesque Party

 Our  Pole, Chair and Burlesque parties are perfect for any occasion or any size group!

There are no minimum numbers required!

We have flexible with start time and can work around whatever else you have planned for the evening!


Host in-home or in-venue: 

We have poles that will work with any ceiling height – from basement, vaulted to outdoors.

Pressure Fit Pole

Pressure Fit Pole

X-Pole Stage

Stage: Perfect for vaulted ceilings and outdoor

Or host your Pole Dancing, Chair Dancing or Burlesque Party in one of our many venues:


Aspire Studios




To book your Pole Dancing, Chair Dancing or Burlesque party or for more details call:

204-294-8771 or debbie@dancingdivaparties.ca



pole1010 Things to Consider When Planning a Stagette/Bachelorette Party

Stagette/Bachelorette parties are an opportunity for the bride and her friends to get together to have one final night of fun (and sometimes debauchery) before she gets married.  Here are some things to consider when planning a night to remember!

  1. Find out with the bride likes. There is no point in planning something that the bride does not want to do.  Make sure you have a general idea of what she wants for her stagette.  If you are trying to keep it a surprise, ask subtle questions such as “Hey did you see they had pole dancing on Ellen last week?” or “Do you have a copy of the movie Burlesque? I love watching the dancing in it.  Don’t you think it would be fun to learn?” But brides are pretty forthcoming about what they want – don’t be afraid to ask.
  2. Where are the friends from? Stagette/Bachlorette parties typically involve people from a wide cross-section of people – work friends, long-time friends, friends from sports teams, etc.  Find something that allows for people to mix and mingle with ease as many may not know each other.
  3. What is the budget? People are accustomed to paying for a portion of the night, so don’t be afraid to ask for money. BUT be sure that you keep things affordable. $25.00 to $35.00 per person is acceptable.
  4. Don’t over plan the night.  Pick a few things to do – not ten! Maybe start with dinner, then pole dancing, and end up at the bar for the rest of the night.  When you start adding in getting a facial, spa treatments, two types of party formats, etc., the night becomes too long and people tire before the festivities are done.
  5. Decide on a date. If you know friends and family are flying in from out of town on a specific weekend.  Make sure to book and secure your party plans for the one day everyone can get together
  6. Keep the bride coherent. Cocktails tend to fly at stagettes.  Avoid letting your bride get too swept away with bubbly drinks. There is nothing worse than a bride who has passed out before the night is done.
  7. Food! Food! Food! Eating is a huge part of being social.  Whatever you have planned for your night, make sure you have food on-hand. Not only will it keep your group energized, but it will also keep those who are drinking from overindulging. If hosting in-home, get others to bring a dish, or host your night at a restaurant and avoid cooking all-together.
  8. Designated driver.  Remember to arrange a ride with a designated driver.  Pre-book a cab or rent a limo for the night.
  9. Multi-generations coming? Some Stagette / Bachlorette parties take on more of a festive bridal shower feel.  If you know aunts, grandma, and underage nieces are going to be in attendance – don’t get a stripper! Try and find a party format that satisfies the bride while keeping in mind that some things just won’t be appropriate for the mother-of-the-bride and her daughter to do together.Fancy
  10. Share the responsibility. We know you are a superwoman, but if you can, share the responsibility.  Enlist other people in the wedding party.  Maybe have one arrange the food, another can help compile the guest list etc. etc.  Together you can all plan the ultimate Stagette / Bachlorette party.
  11. BONUS – Accessories are always fun!  Add to the night with accessories – boas, hats, jello shooters, etc. After learning a burlesque routine, wearing feather boas is a fun way to keep the memories going throughout the night.



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Over the years we have seen so many incredible things! Thank you to all the shy women who took the chance to try pole dancing. Thank you to all the women who were brave enough to let themselves go. Thank you to all the women who trusted us and felt safe enough to let their inner goddesses shine. ❤️ ...

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This has totally been me the past few weeks! No sleep for me. Too many good movies and shows to watch! ...

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